A Totally “Blessed & Highly Favored”, Miracle “Child of God”


When Angela Barfield was diagnosed with Moyo Moyo, a rare brain disease, there were only 40 known cases in this country.  The prognosis looked grim. Diagnosis of this particularly aggressive disorder is typically a death sentence as there are few treatment options available.

In Ms. Barfield’s case, invasive surgery was out of the question due to complications associated with two previous brain aneurysms. Devastated, she was left to ponder her ultimate fate…and while the situation looked hopeless…the birth of a miracle was in God’s plan. Through His divine intervention, Ms. Barfield was led to contact a Neurosurgeon in California who specialized in high-risk surgery. After an initial consultation, it was determined that two separate brain surgeries would be necessary. She and her family immediately flew to San Francisco.

The first surgery on the right side of her brain lasted 7 1/2 hours. The procedure and her subsequent recovery went exceedingly well. She only needed mild sedatives. Still there was the left side to be done, and fear and anxiety began to take hold. However, the anxiety she experienced would prove to be a passing whim as her faith prevailed. Immediately, she boldly declared victory before undergoing the surgeon’s scalpel for the second time. Her proclamation was not in vain, three days after the eight hour surgery, she was discharged from the hospital and able to run on the beach barefoot in the sand with her family.

Ms. Barfield’s story is a modern day miracle that cannot be scribed in the biblical pages of the present time…but neverthelesss she promised God that her testimony would be told. It was out of her commitment, eagerness and excitement to fulfill her promise to God, that Miracle Message Wear (MMW) was conceived.

Miracle Message Wear manufactures beautiful ‘bling’ shirts that display positive, spiritually motivational messages and present Ms. Barfield the opportunity to share Hope, God’s love and His miracle working power. What was meant to destroy her has evolved into a ministry-birthed out of pain and suffering but delivered by God’s grace!

Gratefully submitted; Angela Barfield – A Totally “Blessed & Highly Favored”, Miracle “Child of God”

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